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Many people still do not understand the difference between dry cleaning and laundry cleaning. We get many calls from the customers for drycleaning even though I own a laundromat.

As a customer we still don’t know which one is best for us?

While both methods of cleaning are effective, there are times when using one of the methods may damage your garment.


In Laundromat cleaning of clothes requires just water, detergent, and softener. It is also called wet cleaning.

This type of wet cleaning involves water, which is effective at cleaning and restoring freshness on garments. There is no use of harmful chemicals, making it more environmentally friendly than dry cleaning.

Additionally, it is cheaper since it uses a simple detergent and softeners along with water.

Benefits of using a laundromat:

  • It is safe for the environment as it doesn’t use harmful or toxic chemicals.
  • It’s cheaper than dry cleaning clothes.
  • The cleaning company may add some sweet-smelling fragrances to the washing cycle, helping to get rid of bad odors.
  • Laundry cleaning can save energy as compared to dry cleaning.


Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning refers to cleaning using solvent without use of water. The process involved pre-treating stains, grease, and spots with the chemical perchloroethylene, (PERC), and then machine tumbled for washing.

Benefits of dry cleaning:

  • This process helps to get rid of every type of grease and oil stain on garments.
  • Good for fabrics such as wool, silk, as well as long furnishings such as curtains.
  • The PERC chemical will be gentle on both the fabric and the color, so there will be limited cases of fading of the clothes. 

Each of these cleaning methods is effective and useful in their own right.

We recommend you choose the method wisely for your garments. If getting confused, then you can always contact us to decide.

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