Any garment can be damaged in use or in the care process. Once the cause is identified, responsibility can usually be assigned to the consumer, manufacturer or drycleaner.

  • The manufacturer is responsible to offer a product that will perform satisfactorily for its normal life expectancy. Damage such as color loss and dye bleeding in the care process, shrinkage , color fade from the decomposition of fluorescent brighteners, and failure of trim and decorations to withstand the care process are examples of manufacturer responsibility.


  • The consumer is responsible for damage that occurs during use and home care. This includes failure to follow care instructions, following a home remedy such as water or soda for stain removal, chemical damage from spillage of alcohol, perfumes, hair dyes, and shrinkage of garments due to improper washing techniques. are examples of consumer responsibility.


  • The drycleaner is responsible for damage due to improper spot removal procedures, holes or tears caused by mechanical means and failure to follow care label instructions.

It may be difficult to determine responsibility for some types of damage. In cases where the cause of damage is uncertain, a garment can be examined by laboratory methods to analyze the nature of the damage and the probable responsibility.

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