What is Off Grid Toilet?

Usually any Toilet system will be connected to traditional Sewer/Water hookup system. But when these are not available then we call that toilet as Off Grid Toilet.

Why this Off Grid toilet is named as Dual purpose Off Grid Toilet?

Depends on water  availability in any particular area, this toilet can be used as Traditional and Composting toilet.

How Off Grid Composting Toilet works?

Hate everything about Poop 💩 and don’t want to have to See👁 it, Smell 👃 it or handle it?

Then you have great place to use the Composting Toilet.❤❤

It is so simple to use, you will completely forget the Traditional toilet.

This toilet has 2 separate compartments- One for Your Poop 💩(Solid Waste) and another one for Urine (Liquid Waste). You see it is so simple that the solid waste does not get mixed with the liquid waste and can be used separately.

After doing your business 💩 on any kind paper 🧻 kept on the toilet seat, goes directly down inside the pipe of length 2 ft. to 3 ft. used as storage medium. We should add lime or carbon rich products like so that it evaporated the moisture and smell also doesn’t come. That Pipe can be completely emptied when it is full.

Once the pipe acting as storage fills up then just completely take out the pipe to the composting area for composting purpose and cover it completely. Later this compost can be used in farm ☘ as manure and urine can be pored on the soil to fertilize the land to grow organically.

Why are we separating the solid waste from the liquid waste?

The fecal matter goes into the pipe and dries up fast because there is no urine in the pipe. And after each usage we should add lime or carbon rich products so that it evaporated the moisture and smell also doesn’t come.

                                                          Dry poop is Always a Good Poop. 💩💩💩

Dry poop is your composting matter which yields you good crop.

What is the capacity of this latrine?

The pipe holding capacity will be depending on how many people are using the system.

Do you have to clean the latrine system after emptying?

Depends on you and you don’t have to wash it as we are using the paper to collect your solid waste each time you poop💩. The paper dropping inside the pipe storage to transfer into the composting area . And one more thing since it is compost and compost keeps composting. Trust me!

Design and Technical details?

What is the need when you have your Traditional toilets?

  • They are more environmentally friendly.
  • Rust Free structure.
  • Very lightweight.
  • Inbuilt storage for water so no need to maintain extra tank.
  • Inbuilt Rain Water Harvesting Filter.
  • Easy to install any places and in any weather conditions.
  • Same toilet can be used as Traditional or Composting Toilet.
  • Very economical.
  • They require less water usage.
In addition to all above, they are well suited to remote areas.

Is there any disadvantage of using this toilet?

  • Disadvantages of a compost toilet include more maintenance than standard toilets.
  • Improperly or poorly maintained systems can lead to odors, insects, and health hazards.
  • These toilets usually require some type of power source, and the end product must also be removed.
  • In addition, too much liquid can lead to slower decomposition.

With proper care and maintenance, a composting toilet can be a safe and cost-effective alternative to traditional flushing toilets.

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